Welcome to COMPANY is an art start-up focused on placing emerging artists' work directly in retail channels. Our diverse collection of artists represent some of the most exciting and innovative talents working today. Contact us to schedule an appointment to visit the welcometoCOMPANY gallery.

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“COMPANY provides a unique service I feel is long overdue. I often use Campfire to eavesdrop on conversations about artists I’m interested in or maybe I might be turned onto something I'd never seen or heard of before.”- Yorgo Alexopoulos, Artist  
"I’m impressed with the quality of work at COMPANY.Artists like Brian Dettmer & Fahamu Pecou are solid career artists, represented by reputable NYC galleries.Collectors can feel confident that works are selected with a sharp eye for intrinsic value.”- Jazz-minh Moore, Artist
“The ease of use and content of COMPANY make it a virtual art fair for us, which, having moved to Greenwich, is the only way we buy art these days.After leaving the city, we haven’t had time to visit galleries or openings like we used to.” -Rachel & Peter DaPuzzo, collectors...