Justin Allen Artist Profile

Justin Allen is an American impressionist who was born in Jefferson City, Missouri who specializes in painting realistic depictions of inanimate objects such as chairs, jugs and watering cans.

Justin Allen artist profile:


Allen first received a bachelor of arts from Webster University, which is located in his home state of Missouri before going on to receive a masters degree in fine arts from Hunter College in New York. Which Allen received in 2007.

Furthermore, Allen also spent some time studying at the prestigious Arts Student League of New York in 2006. In an effort to master painting life studies.

Technique and inspiration from the great masters:

While many of Allen’s contemporaries concentrate on creating abstract art of mixed media pieces, Allen stands out amongst his peers as he focuses on using the old masters’ techniques. Which involve using multiple layers of drawing and color in order to create beautiful, highly realistic paintings.

If you ever have the great pleasure of getting to view some of Allen’s pieces in person, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to look at all the fine brush strokes which Allen has used to create his masterpieces.

One reason why Allen’s profile is rising is that he also works hard to use complex techniques such as shadowing, in order to ensure that seemingly normal, everyday inanimate objects look fully fleshed out.

So if you’re a fan of impressionist work such as the work of the masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, and Matisse and are keen to follow the career of a contemporary impressionist, it’s well worth taking the effort to follow Allen’s career.


Over the years Allen has had his work reviewed and featured in a plethora of highly regarded international publications. Some popular examples of which include the Oxford American, The New York Times and The Journal News. Which is further proof that Allen is one of the most talented impressionist artists of his generation.

Successful solo exhibitions:

Justin Allen has hosted widely attended exhibitions in Jacksonville Florida, London England, New York, and Chicago. Some examples of the international galleries which have hosted some of Allen’s solo exhibitions include the Eleven Gallery in London and the Schueubbe Project, which is located in Dusseldorf Germany.

Successful group exhibitions:

As well as hosting numerous solo exhibitions, Allen has also worked together with fellow artists in order to host highly successful group exhibitions. As examples, Allen frequently displays his work in group exhibitions at the Robert Miller Gallery in New York. Where Allen has also hosted a few solo exhibitions.


Over the span of his career thus far, Justin Allen has won numerous highly contested prizes. As examples, Allen was awarded the 2012 Pollack-Krasner Award.

Notable collections:

One of Allen’s most notable collections is Sidewalk Paintings, which features paintings of lone pieces of trash which Allen noted being discarded on sidewalks.

So if you’re interested in the sound of Allen’s work it’s well worth viewing some of Allen’s latest collections online or visiting a future exhibition in order to view some of Allen’s work in person.

Susi Kenna Artist

Susi Kenna is one of New York’s premiere art curators and has worked as a professional art curator since 2002. Kenna’s day to day tasks as an art curator involve liaising with both emerging and well-established artists in order to procure artwork for professional art exhibitions as well as contemporary art venues.

Susi Kenna Artist Curator Profile:


Kenna holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Design Management from the Parsons School of Design which is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York.


After graduating with her degree Kenna went on to found The Creatives Agency in 2010. Which she created which the intention of organizing and planning events for modern, contemporary art venues. Such as prominent art galleries and museums as well as well respected studios.

The Creatives Agency quickly grew from strength to strength as a result of New York being one of the world’s premiere art destinations. As New York is home to numerous world-class museums as well as dozens of popular art galleries

Executive roles:

Susi Kenna was elected as the co-chair of the Steering Committee of the Junior Associates of the Museum of Modern Art in 2011. An important position as the Museum of Modern Art is one of the most highly respected, most visited art museums in the world.

Furthermore, Kenna was also given the prestigious distinction of being invited to the NADA, the New Art Dealers Alliance in 2012. Just two years after starting her own business The Creatives Agency.


Some of the successful, notable exhibitions which Kenna has organized for some of New York’s premier contemporary art galleries and museums have featured in articles in high profile publications such as The Huffington Post, Artslant, Papermag, Opening Ceremony, and Smug Magazine. All of which are highly respected by the USA’s thriving art community.

Better yet overseas publications have also reached out to Kenna in order to cover some of the events such as exhibitions which Kenna has curated art pieces for.

Kenna’s passion for helping emerging artists:

Kenna has been passionate about supporting emerging artists for over a decade and supports a wide variety of artist studios. Some artists who studios are championed by Kenna include Ken Solomon, Michael Alan, David Goodman, Carlos Charlie Perez, and Carl Eckhoff. All of whom are building successful careers for themselves as contemporary artists.

Kenna’s art trips:

Kenna also travels the world as a professional art curator and has recently visited Havana, Cuba, Basel, and Zurich in Switzerland as well as London, England. Kenna also frequently travels around the continental United States in order to meet new emerging artists whose work she can them exhibit in New York. Some cities which Kenna visits frequently in the US include Dallas Texas, Miami Florida, Washington DC.

Art fairs:

As well as organizing exhibitions Kenna also curates art for art fairs, which allows art enthusiasts to purchase works from new emerging artists.

So if you’re an emerging artist looking for representation or work for an art space, which requires an art curator for an event, it’s definitely worth getting in touch with Kenna. Alternatively, if you’re simply an art enthusiast, it’s also worth attending an art fair hosted by Kenna.

What Does Emerging Really Mean in the Art World

If you’re wondering what the term emerging refers to in the art world, simply continue reading to discover everything you need to know and ever wondered about emerging art and artists.

What Does Emerging Really Mean in the Art World?

1. Sometimes the term emerging refers to recent college graduates who have earnt their masters of fine arts degrees and are finally ready to exhibit their first collection

While artists can start to build a name for themselves and a positive reputation, whilst they’re studying at art school, the most important time for emerging artists is when they graduate from college and start exhibiting their work in recognized art galleries.

The first few years after an artist has graduated from college is incredibly important as if they are able to host a breakout, attention-grabbing exhibition, they’ll have a far easier time finding further galleries who are willing to display their work.

Better yet, dedicated art patrons may also explore debut art exhibitions, in the hopes of getting in quick and purchasing work from an artist, who they believe will make a name for themselves, in the years to come.

2. The term emerging can also refer to artists who are yet to exhibit a solo exhibition and are still focusing on exhibiting work in group exhibitions

Alternatively, in some cases, the term emerging can refer to artists, who are yet to host a solo exhibition and instead are yet to break free of the comfortable stage of exciting work in group exhibitions.

Visiting group exhibitions is often a great, worthwhile exhibition as there is a high chance that you’ll be impressed by the work of at least one artist. Furthermore, by attending a group exhibition you’ll also be able to compare the skill level and talent of a wide variety of artists.

Lastly, sometimes group exhibitions focus on a specific theme and it’s often quite interesting to see how different artists approach the same theme and are inspired by the same theme.

3. The term emerging artist can also refer to artists who have just been offered a residency position

Sometimes the art community refers to artists who are resident artists at art galleries, universities or museums as emerging artists. Artists who have already gained recognition of their talent and are started to be offered incredible opportunities and who are seen as industry experts.

4. Lastly, the term emerging artist can refer to award-winning artists

Another way to search for emerging artists who have a bright industry in front of them is to search for the winners of prominent art prizes. That may be offered by universities, museums and art galleries as well as from private individuals or groups. As if an individual has won numerous art awards, it’s highly likely that their career will take off.

So if you’re interested in viewing work by emerging artists or purchasing work from talented emerging artists, it’s well worth using the four tips listed above in order to locate a few skilled emerging artists!

Fowler Arts Collective

The Fowler Arts Collective is an innovative art gallery which is located in Brooklyn, New York and which was created in order to give emerging artists a space to exhibit their collections. The Fowler Arts Collective is primarily used by groups and individuals who find it a difficult, frustrating experience to find a professional space to host their exhibitions.

Although it’s also used as a base for individual artists who need affordable studio space to create their brand new collections.


The Fowler Arts Collective was originally founded in the summer of 2010 and boasts 800 square feet of exhibition space. Better yet the gallery also boasts 18 separate artist studios. The latter of which can be hired out by New York based artists who can’t afford to rent their own private studio.

Although many of the artists who choose to base themselves in the Fowler Arts Collective choose to do so as they love being able to work on their art within a supportive community of like-minded artists. Rather than working alone.

However, each artist who takes up residency at the Fowler Arts Collective still gets to work in a semi-private environment. Which is important as artists sometimes need their space as well as creative inspiration from other artists.


You’ll find the Fowler Arts Collective located in the Greenpoint Terminal Market Building, which is easily located on the East River Waterfront. Which happens to be one of Brooklyn’s creative hubs, which is bursting with creativity and new ideas. The physical address for the collective is 67 West Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Collaborative projects and exhibitions:

In fact, many of the Fowler Arts Collective’s resident artists enjoy working on exciting, collaborative group projects together. While other times the gallery’s resident artists choose to put on group exhibitions, that still manage to showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of each artist’s work.

Why you should go out of your way to visit the Fowler Arts Collective:

One of the key reasons why you should consider going out of your way to visit the Fowler Arts Collective is that, even if you were to visit the gallery several times per year, the artists whose work you’d see displayed would change. Although of course, there are many artists who grow fond of the gallery and choose to stay on and rent a semi-private studio space for an extended period of time.

So if you choose to revisit the gallery, not only are you likely to see work from talented emerging artist’s who you’ve never heard of before, you’ll also come across work from artists whose work you’ve already grown to love.

Another benefit of supporting the gallery is that if you like some of the work which you see, you may be able to get a special piece of work commissioned from your favorite artist!

So if you like the idea of supportive a community of artists who are passionate about creating the best pieces of art which they can create, it’s definitely well worth following the Fowler Arts Collective’s Facebook page in order to be notified of the collective’s upcoming exhibitions and open houses.

Antonio Adriano Puleo Artist

Antonio Adriano Puleo is an acclaimed American artist who is based out of Los Angeles, California. Adriano Puleo often exhibits his art in California and has held solo exhibitions at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, which is located in La Jolla as well as LAXART, which can be found in Hollywood, California.

Antonio Adriano Puleo Artist Profile:

Art style:

Adriano Puleo is known for producing both mixed media works which are usually displayed on canvas as well as oil, acrylics and enamel paintings. Some of his pieces even feature watercolors as well as oil and acrylic based paints.

Adriano Puleo is also a rather unique artist as he also uses dye, silver leaf and inkjet prints on a wide variety of pieces. When it comes to canvases sometimes Adriano Puleo utilizes traditional canvases, while on other occasions he opts to paint straight onto linen.

So if you’re interested in viewing artwork which features multiple different types of materials, you may be highly interested in viewing some of Adriano Puelo’s collections.

Reoccurring themes:

If you view a dozen pieces of Adriano Puleo’s artwork, you may notice that there are a few images which feature in a multitude of Adriano Puleo’s work. One example of which are birds. Birds feature in “I Went Through it Again”, “Giving in is Not An Option” and “More Or Less (Less is More)”. All of which feature realistic portrayals of birds alongside abstract images.

Personal connection:

Adriano Puleo claims that the vast majority of his paintings have been inspired by his own struggles, challenges, and experiences. As are the titles which also refer to some of Adriano Pulelo’s experiences with depression and hopelessness.

If you enjoy following artists who produce raw work, which is infused with genuine emotion, you’ll definitely connect with Adriano Puleo’s collections. All of which have been inspired by his everyday life.

Group exhibitions:

As well as hosting solo exhibitions, Adriano Puelo has also partaken in a few group exhibitions in California. One example of which is “All the Small Things”, which was held at the Stever Turner Gallery in Park Le Brea in 2017. Whilst in 2015 Adriano Puleo had some of his artwork featured at the “Summer Mixer” at the Joshua Liner Gallery which is located in New York.

International exhibitions:

Whilst the vast majority of Adriano Puleo’s exhibitions have taken place within a stone’s throw of Adriano Puleo’s workshop in California, he has also successfully hosted an exhibition in Milan, Italy.


Adriano Puleo earned his bachelors of fine arts degree from the Masseccessuetts College of Art, which is located in Boston on the East Coast before he headed to the West Coast in order to earn his masters of fine arts degree from UCLA.

So if you’re fortunate enough to live on the West Coast you may want to seriously consider visiting one of Adriano Puleo’s future exhibitions in order to see the magic of his artwork for yourself. However, no matter where in the world you live, you’ll be able to view a wide variety of Adriano Puleo’s work online.

Guy Ben Ari

Guy Ben Ari is a skilled international artist who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and now resides in New York City. To learn about Ben Ari’s impressive career and incredible artwork, continue reading to discover Guy ben Ari’s artist profile.

Guy Ben Ari Artist Profile:


Ben Ari graduated with a masters of fine arts from Colombia University’s prestigious School of Arts in 2011 and also holds a bachelor of arts degree, which he received from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2009. Whilst studying for his bachelors degree in his home nation of Israel, Ben Ari was also awarded the highly sought after Presser Award for Excellence in Painting.

Art style:

Ben Ari is a contemporary painter who prides himself on creating a diverse variety of paintings. As an example, some of Ben Ari’s artwork is more abstract in nature while some of his other paintings feature realistic depictions of individuals such as “Looking Back”, which Ben Ari completed in 2014 and “Reprojections”, which he painted several years back, in 2011.

No matter which of Ben Ari’s paintings you prefer, you’ll appreciate the fact that most of his paintings come with text with provides useful context for each painting that you’ll come across. As an example according to Ben Ari’s blurb “Reprojections” was inspired by the construct of narcissism.

As Ben Ari isn’t afraid of bringing up uncomfortable or taboo subjects in his artwork, he has also released paintings depicting Donald Trump.


Most of Ben Ari’s artwork are oil based paintings which have been painted onto high-quality canvas.

Solo exhibitions:

To date, Ben Ari has held solo exhibitions in multiple cities in the US such as New York and Philadelphia. Furthermore, Ben Ari also returns to Israel on a regular basis in order to host solo exhibitions. One of the latest Israeli galleries to host one of Ben Ari’s solo exhibitions was the Hamidrasha Gallery, which is located in Ben Ari’s hometown of Tel Aviv.

Critical acclaim:

While Ben Ari is still a relatively young artist he has already received critical acclaim and international press. So far Ben Ari has already served as an artist in residence and numerous institutions, two of which include the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workshop Program and the Keyholder Residency Program at the Lower East Side Print Shop.

Ben Ari has also been the recipient of a few US-based awards. An example of which is the SIP Award, which he was awarded from the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Program at the Elizabeth Foundation for the arts.


One of Guy Ben Ari’s career highlights is having the honor of having some of his finest work featured at a wide variety of prestigious New York museums and galleries. Some examples of which are the Denny Gallery, the Jewish Museum, the Sculpture Center and the world-famous Fisher Landau Center for Art.

So if you like the sound of Ben Ari’s paintings, it’s well worth following his career, so that you’ll be able to attend an exhibition which features his world-class paintings.

Jimmy Baker Artist Profile

If you’re interested in discovering talented American artist’s whose careers are well worth following, simply continue reading to discover a simple guide to Jimmy Baker’s career.

Jimmy Baker artist profile:

Jimmy Baker is an accomplished painter who was born in Dover, Ohio and holds the position of being an associate professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Formal education:

Baker received his formal education as an artist from the University of Cincinnati and the Colombus College of Art and Design. Baker graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor of fine art in 2002 before going on to earn his masters of fine art from the Colombus College of art in 2004.

Art style:

Baker’s art style can be described as innovative, abstract, modern and bright. As Baker favors painting mixed media paintings which feature bright bold splashes of color. Baker also frequently uses lines and geometric shapes in his art.

Some of Baker’s popular paintings include “Beside Me”, which is a mixed media art piece which features an image of a pot plant on top of an abstract background and “Arrangement 12”. The latter of which is part of a collection of paintings which feature a series of lines.

Reoccurring themes:

Baker has a strong interest in conspiracy theories and many of his pieces of work allude to possible government conspiracy theories. As an example, Baker created a 10 painting exhibition which he named “Remote Viewing”, which was designed to provide social commentary on the possibility of the government acting like a “big brother” and secretly keeping tabs on each individual. Through technology such as social media.

Other examples of international conspiracy theories which has inspired Baker’s art include the supposed CIA psychic program which is thought to have taken place in the 1970s and the Iran hostage crisis which took. So if you’re interested in art which has been influenced by world events and conspiracies chances are high that you’ll be interested in Jimmy Baker’s work.

Solo and two artist exhibitions:

Baker debuted as a solo exhibitionist back in 2006 when he hosted his first exhibition “Challenges” which was held at the Weston-Boiling Gallery in Baker’s home state of Ohio. Since which Baker has held over 14 solo or dual artist exhibitions. Some of the international cities which have hosted one of Baker’s exhibitions include New York, Los Angeles, Basel, and Paris.

Group exhibition participation:

Baker first had his art displayed in “Despite The Sun”, a group exhibition which was hosted in New York in 2004. Since which Baker has featured in over 30 different group exhibitions.

Some examples of the venues which Baker’s art has been showcased in include Colombia University, Project Space 136, which is located in London, England, the Ecole Superieure d’Art Design, which is located in Grenoble, France and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The latter of which is located in Arizona.

Art for sale:

If you are a fan of Jimmy Baker’s contemporary art you’ll be able to purchase one of Baker’s pieces of art online.

So if you’re interested in Jimmy Baker’s art it’s well worth broswing some of his latest paintings online, incase you find a piece of art which you like.

Marcus Kenney Artist

Marcus Kenney is a contemporary mixed media artist who was born and raised in Louisiana. Kenney still lives and works in the south and currently resides in Savannah, Georiga.

To learn about Kenney’s background as an artist and the common themes which are presented in his artwork, simply continue reading to discover basic information on Marcus Kenney and his modern art.

Marcus Kenney Artist Bio:

Formal education:

Kenney graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a masters of fine arts in 1998.


Kenney has received critical acclaim for art critics for his mixed media pieces, which expertly mix painting, photography, and sculpture. If you are a fan of collages, you’re bound to fall in love with Marcus Kenneys’ pieces.

Some of the inspirations for Kenney’s works include the ever-present societal issues of religion and mortality, identity, race, authority, environmentalism, and consumerism. So if you enjoy viewing artwork which has a message and which provides important social commentary on society at large, chances are high that you’ll enjoy interpreting the messages which Kenney has placed in his artwork.

Reoccurring images:

If you start following Kenney’s career you may notice that many of Kenney’s collages feature reoccurring images. Examples of which include images of children and nature, which allude to Kenney’s own childhood in rural Louisiana. However such images are normally placed with dangerous or mysterious images such as fire, which Kenney uses to show the inherent danger and beauty of our world.

Kenney also frequently uses images which are related to the theater in his artwork, some examples of which include stages, curtains, and costumes. As like Shakespeare, Kenney subscribes to the belief that all the world’s a stage.

Solo exhibitions:

Kenney frequently exhibits his work in the south, through solo exhibitions. Some examples of the venues which have hosted some of Kenney’s well-visited art exhibitions include the Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia, the Colombus Museum of Art in Colombus, Georgia and Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana.

However, while Kenney enjoys exhibiting his artwork close to home he also hopes to host international solo exhibitions in the years to come.

Group exhibitions:

Kenney frequently exhibits his work alongside his fellow artists and has been invited to display his art in exhibitions in Israel, Paris, Montreal, New York, Boston, Chicago, Kansas, New Orleans, St Louis, and London. So in the years to come, you can expect to see Kenney’s artwork being displayed across the country as well as in a wide variety of far-flung international destinations.

As the themes which are prevalent in Kenney’s artwork such as consumerism and environmentalism are universal and can be understood by individuals around the world. Despite individuals varying backgrounds.

Positive press:

Kenney often is featured in editorial articles and has been mentioned in The New York Sun, The Boston Globe, New American Paintings and Art in America. Among other popular publications.

So if you like the sound of Marcus Kenney’s collages and mixed media images, it’s well worth doing some extra research into Marcus Kennedy’s upcoming exhibitions and shows!

Zachary Wollard Artist

Zachary Wollard is a contemporary American artist who was born in 1974. Wollard is a respected artist who has had some of his art displayed at one of the world’s most visited art museums, The Museum of Modern Art, which is located in New York. Currently, Wollard lives and works from his Brooklyn base.

Examples of some of some of Wollard’s iconic pieces of art which have been displayed at The Museum of Modern Art include “The Ironies of Human Longing II”, which was painted in 2007, “Between Gold Sun, which was painted in 2011 and “Open Axis”, which was also painted in 2011.

Zachary Wollard Artist Profile:


Wollard spent his formative years as a poet and ended up studying a literature degree at Columbia University. Unlike many of his peers who studied art at university, Wollard taught himself how to paint in his free time as Wollard began to develop a passion for visual arts, which Wollard found complimented his love of poetry and the written word.

Wollard’s published books:

While the vast majority of painters, use painting canvas as their primary expression of creativity, Wollard is unique as he has developed a reputation for publishing books as a form of his artistic expression. Wollard’s books are incredibly popular as each of Wollard’s paintings are accompanied by one of his poems. So if you enjoy art which has a story, it’s highly likely that you’ll enjoy Wollard’s published books.


As a result of his reputation as an artist, Wollard was invited to serve as an artist in residence at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, which is located in Maine, for the duration of Summer 2004.


As well as painting on canvas and publishing art in published books, Wollard also creates stunning, one of a kind prints. Wollard first began to experiment with printmaking after he was introduced to Bill Goldston, a prominent printmaker. After studying under Goldston, Wollard released one of his best-known pieces of work “The Ironies of Human Longing II”, which is now displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, in NYC.

Solo exhibitions:

As an accomplished, critically acclaimed artist who works across several mediums Wollard has also been fortunate enough to book several solo art shows and exhibitions around the world. Some popular examples of which include solo exhibitions at the Massimo Audiello Gallery, the Stefan Stux Gallery, and the Greener Pastures Gallery. The latter of which is located in Toronto, Canada.

Examples of some of the cities which Wollard has exhibited art shows as a solo artist Los Angeles, New York, Munich, Madrid, and Toronto.


Wollard’s art is in high demand and many of his pieces frequently are sold at auction to passionate art collectors. Some recent examples of some of Wollard’s work which have been successfully sold at auction include “Distant Instant”, “Solstice” and “All the Three Horses”.

So if you like the sound of Wollard’s work, it’s well worth viewing some of his paintings in person or browsing his online art collections. To see if there are any pieces which immediately take your fancy!

New York Art Travel and Tourism

If you’re an art lover who is keen to explore some of New York’s finest art galleries, simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to exploring New York.

New York Art Travel and Tourism:

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ensure to spend at least one day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the 3rd most visited art museum in the world. On a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you’ll be able to view a wide variety of art such as modern and contemporary art, medieval art, Egyptian art, American art, European sculptures, Greek and Roman art and art which has been flown in all the way from Africa and Oceania.

As well as the permanent exhibitions which are listed above, it’s also well worth touring the museum’s ever-changing roster of temporary exhibitions.

2. The Met Breuer

The Met Breuer is famous for its modern architecture and houses an eclectic mix of artwork but focuses on featuring modern and contemporary art from the early to mid-1900s. Examples of some of the works which are displayed include Madame Cezanne which was painted by Cezanne in 1871 and Two Girls With Parasols which was painted by John Singer Sargent in 1889.

So if you’re a fan of contemporary art, it’s well worth spending an afternoon in New York exploring this fascinating museum.

3. The Museum of Modern Art

Another world-famous art museum which is well worth visiting on your next trip to New York is the highly prestigious Museum of Modern Art. Which happens to be one of the largest museums dedicated to modern art in the world.

Examples of some of the thoroughly modern types of art which you should expect to see on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art include architecture drafts, illustrated books, photographs, prints, film, and electronic media as well as more traditional forms of art such as sculptures and painting.

Some examples of some of the artists who have their work displayed in the Museum of Modern Art include Andy Warhol and Vicent Van Gogh.

Lastly, whilst touring the Museum of Modern Art, make sure to tour the museum’s ever-popular sculpture garden.

4. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum which is often referred to as the Guggenheim Museum which originally constructed to house the artwork of Solomon R. Guggenheim himself. However, today you can see modern art from a wide variety of contemporary artists displayed at the Guggenheim Museum. Examples of which include Kandinsky, Gaugin, and Cezanne.

5. The Frick Collection

If you have a penchant for Western European art, make sure to head straight to the Frick Collection, which is located inside the renovated mansion which used to belong to a prominent industrial millionaire. If the idea of gazing upon works of art in a gorgeous mansion appeals to you, you’ll absolutely love The Frick Collection.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than the present to start planning your next art focused trip to the big apple. Which also happens to be one of the world’s top art destinations.