Company Artists

Amy Wilson

Artist Statement: My work generally consists of watercolor drawings and books that have tiny, hand-written texts incorporated into them and that feature an ever-changing cast of talkative girls.

In my drawings, I like to explore the tension that exists between my interior world and the exterior one. I incorporate personal stories and observations along with commentary about current events (both personal and ones that make it to the news). They depict a "chorus" of young girls, all of whom I see as being an extension of myself and as representations of the many voices I have inside of me; as such I consider my work to be an ongoing exploration of self-portraiture. These girls give voice to my thoughts and are often depicted in scenarios inspired by experiences from my life.


Benjamin Genocchio, New York Times: “[Amy’s] drawings and paintings are disarmingly naïve yet incisive.”

“The beautiful, sometimes chaotic power of the imagination – in the end this is what Ms. Wilson’s drawings and painting are about.”