Company Artists

Kentaro Hiramatsu

A former Philip Morris K.K. Art Award nominee, Hiramatsu sees his subjects with digitized vision, even as he renders them with paint on canvas. Like many artists who work with new media he complicates the distinction between reality and fantasy. In his Person I (2004), for example, a blonde-haired girl, replete with naturalistic details such as a pony-tail, flip-flops, sundress and shadows, stares into pictorial space, passively observing her cursorily outlined environment, Yankee Stadium and the Manhattan skyline, as it disintegrates, collapses and swirls into a vortex at the center of the canvas. Pixelated sections of her body and surrounding stadium seating separate and fall away from their forms. The image at once alludes to reality emulated by a masterful artistry as well as the bits of information that comprise the reality projected by television or digital media.


Kentaro Hiramatsu lives and works in New York City