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Marcus Kenney

  • Hometown: Louisiana
  • Education: MFA savannah College of Art and Design 1998
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Marcus Kenney’s work is charged and engaging due to his innovative use of found and acquired materials in densely-layered and painterly compositions, as well as for the emotionally-powerful, provocative, yet highly poetic subject matter found therein. His work raises the issues, and delights in the resulting tumult, of race, sex, religion, the environment and politics with equal doses of irony, acrimony and compassion. A few words from the artist may best help translate the experience of viewing Marcus Kenney’s work; “I will say that these works are about multiculturalism , youth culture, hip hop and fashion, the players club, 50 cent, puff daddy, over and out, gap, banana republic, dolce & gabbana and Salvadore Dali. The daily news the daily bread the young and the restless and as the world turns. Young Americans... black white puerto Rican everybody just a freaking… get your booty on the dance floor tonight...make my day!!"


His work has been exhibited in New York, London, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Paris, New Orleans and St Louis.  He has been included in numerous group shows, art fairs, and solo exhibitions including a major ten year survey featuring nearly 50 works.  A collection of his work has been published by SCAD  titled "Marcus Kenney" and distributed by D.A.P. and  is available for purchase.  His work rests in many private and public collections throughout the world.  Kenney has been featured in numerous publications including Art in America, Artpapers, NY Times, South Magazine, Oxford American, New American Painter, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal Constitution and New York Arts Magazine.