Company Artists

Max-Steven Grossman

  • Born: 1971
  • Hometown: Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Education: Master of Arts- from New York University (NYU) / International Center of Photography (ICP), concentration in Photography
  • Website:

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1971, Grossman came to the US to study Textile Engineering at the University of Philadelphia. Six years later, he returned to the US to complete his Master of Arts from the NYU/International Center of Photography (ICP), with a concentration in Photography. He currently resides and works in Bogota and exhibits regularly in the United States, Colombia, and South America.

“I love landscapes because they are truly unique. The moment you take the picture, it is your view, your original registration of an ever changing environment.” -Max-Steven Grossman

Grossman’s alluring landscapes present nature as a study in aesthetics. His images explore and accentuate the interplay of detail, geometry, texture, and tonality. In his Antartica series, Grossman draws the viewer’s attention to the monumentality and steely quality of a frigid landscape, where the sky imbued water is framed by the contrasting land and ice. On the other hand, his Forest series captures the lush verdure of a rainforest from unique perspectives. In short, Grossman’s landscapes are more than landscape images, they are meditative experiences.