Company Artists

Melissa Murray

Melissa Murray is an emerging artist, living and working in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her drawings are derived from the artists extensive logging of dreams and sub-conscious experiences. Ms Murray's work has been featured in The Village Voice, Juxtapoz Magazine and L Magazine and has recently concluded her solo exhibition at Causey Contemporary in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She is presently working on a new series of works which consist of drawings within drawings, set on the walls of a deteriorating  18th century steam captains home.

Artist Statement: My work stems from a deep interest in psychoanalytical interpretation and the conscious and unconscious effects of human action. In my drawings, animals symbolize sincerity in life, a seemingly degenerative trait in our current human consciousness. These creatures represent purity, and personify my dreams and fears for our collective future. When placed amongst our refuse or shown imitating human cutthroat tendencies, my work aims to procure a heartbreaking realization of just how far we have fallen off the natural path. The scenes are taken directly from a daily documentation of my dreams and collaged childhood memories. Combined, the images act as a catalyst for a shared metaphor, much like the reveries of our slumber. My drawings are based on moments. Energy, movement or lack there of is important to express a passing instance, a fleeting thought still moving through time. Much like the music that inspires the majority of my waking life, I aspire to create an image that will walk with the viewer through a moment in time, capturing a multitude of emotions and sensations.