Company Artists

Melodie Provenzano

Still-life drawings of toys and figurines are the subject  matter included in Melodie Provenzano’s artwork, but  their arrangements and iconography are the crux of it.  These meticulously rendered compositions allow a brief  glimpse into the artist’s personal world.  They function  as dreamscapes that offer many interpretations but are  based upon root emotions like love, longing, and hope.    Set forth as mock dramas, the paintings tell a tale that  oscillates between fantasy and reality, accomplishment  and disappointment, understanding and bewilderment.   They build narrative momentum as the audience begins  to assign meaning to the objects, and unravel the specificity of the icons.   Deciphering each  painting and drawing, the viewer begins to see the ‘bigger picture’ as they assess and assert how  the set-ups that are drawn from life actually imitate it. 

Melodie has exhibited in groups shows such as "Still Life" at Nancy Margolis Gallery, NYC, "Playing Around" at The Brattleboro Museum, VT, "Champagne & Baloney" at Jeff Bailey Gallery, NYC, "Singles" at Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington, MA and has had solo shows with Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC, Goya Contemporary in Baltimore, MD and Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago, IL.