Company Artists

Nicholas Fevelo


Nicholas Fevelo is a featured artist on Art/Trek NYC Season 1. Chosen by well known artists Gabri Christa and Vernon Reid, Nicholas is the Staten Island representative for the docu-series.
Nicholas is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, sculpture, video, musical composition, and installation. His projects have ranged from an installation depicting an archeological dig site from the future titled, Todt Hill Wash Site, in 2009 to a short film titled "Tea Party" in 2010 about transgressive political rhetoric. As a freelance photojournalist his work is regularly published in several of New York City's largest daily newspapers. His work as a journalist informs his art. He is currently based on the majestic Staten Island.
Artist Statement: William T. Davis (1862-1945) was a naturalist, entomologist and historian born on  Staten Island. While afield he would identify, collect and document species of birds, insects and plants. In addition to publishing hundreds of scientific and historical articles he authored several books, one entitled Days Afield on Staten Island. Had Mr. Davis done a stint at an art school and be with us today, his tour through the natural world yield different results. He would find it a challenge to break the media-scape membrane that encapsulates us all. This work travels the intersection of the natural world and our culture which compartmentalized and reorganized our relationship with nature. It views nature through our cultural lens. His notebook may have been dotted with these results.