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Yeji Jun

  • Born: 1982
  • Hometown: Seoul in South Korea
  • Education: 2008-2010 MFA Hunter College in Combined Media NY, NY; 2001-2005 BFA Kyonggi University in Sculpture, Seoul, South Korea
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Yeji Jun’s petite acrylic on canvas works explore fantasy, romance, humor, self-doubt, narcissism, hope and the general mundanity of contemporary life, both through the images themselves and through the text that accompanies and forms an intrinsic part of them. The artist terms her creations ‘snapshots’ of her subconscious state, and these graphic images are the result of a hybrid genre Jun has developed utilizing drawing, collage and paint. Daydreams, text and significant personal details such as signs and symbols are the subject matter of these charmingly diaristic sketches and darkly intriguing compositions. Sticking to one or two colors only, Jun distills the wild pirouettes of her creative imagination down to its impulsive and vulnerable cores.

Born in Seoul, Yeji Jun received her BFA from Kyonggi University in Seoul, South Korea and an MFA from New York City’s Hunter College. In 2010, Yeji Jun won First Prize in the Viridian Artist International Juried Exhibition.

Artist Statement:
My art comes from the state of mind of my subconscious. My visualization process connects my subconscious to my consciousness, transforming what was once unreachable into visual symbols. In this way, I can truly share my mind with my audience. That includes not only internal thoughts but external experiences. Because ideas come and go very quickly I record and capture everything immediately, before it fades away. This non-stop process of recording my impressions serves to create “snapshots” from my subconscious mind. The visual language that results allows me to share my internal thoughts with viewers so that they can discover and enjoy these experiences through my art.