COMPANY picks from Fountain

COMPANY picks from Fountain

By Rhoni Blankenhorn

Fountain New York is the destination renegade art fair, boasting a boatload of enough emerging art to cause a sensory overload.  Fountain takes place on the Frying Pan, a rusty barge on Pier 66 at 26th St and the Hudson river, a location consistent with it’s gritty aesthetic.  This year’s fair consisted of over 20 galleries and artist projects, 100 feet of street art by numerous contributors, and INFILTRATE!, an extensive program of live performance art by Boston’s Mobius Collective. 

Friday and Saturday nights featured musical guests Tecla, Gordon Voidwell, Generic, NSR, and Ninjasonic, in Fountain’s tradition of promoting music as art.  Though the visual mayhem contributed to the uniquely raucous spirit of the fair, at times the chaos made it difficult to focus on individual works.  That being said, Fountain’s unparalleled vitality brought together several artists we love.

Allison Berkoy Presents: Another Night in the Caboose of Magical Light

Berkoy’s installation took place in an abandoned train caboose just before the entrance of the main exhibition space.  Upon entering the caboose I was immediately entranced by a tiny video projection of Berkoy’s own face on a doll half-submerged in a soup bowl.   Her other pieces also exhibit a similar aesthetic combination of the eerie and the magical.

Ray Sell

Ray Sell’s work focuses on how media and marketing impact the development of the male archetype.  His eclectic, colorful works contain images of motorcycles and muscle cars, nude women and fierce beasts, cowboys and Indians, all appropriated from old magazines and other media within the last 60 years.   Sell combines these images with vintage knick knacks, toys, and beer cans, creating multimedia masterpieces that encourage us to reflect on American culture.

Jason Douglass Griffin

Griffin combines classical portraiture and urban aesthetics into intimate paintings that are completely unpretentious.  Many of his works incorporate found objects such as doors or window shutters.  Griffin develops relationships with the people he paints, a process that gives each piece a story and a quality of humanity that is visually and emotionally arresting.

Brandon Friend
Friend works with collage, using the process of layering and transferring photographic elements to produce ambiguous, visual rich pieces.  Recognizable symbols and images emerge through veils of paint, provoking a sense of familiarity.

Sarah Trouche

French performance artist Sarah Trouche is based out of Paris, but travels all over the world for geographically poignant, site-specific performances.  Trouche's photographs document and immortalize her performances, from scaling rooftops in Beijing to and floating in the Dead Sea



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