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“Martin's Chapel” is a skillful rendering of a still life constructed with an eclectic arrangement of objects, which one might find at an antique market, candy shop, or toy store. The composition depicts a surreal country farm scene, denoting a slice of Americana and coming of age. According to Provenzano, the blue bow, in the upper left corner, is a metaphor for the expression "once in a blue moon" and the stars in the cream colored sky depict the Little and Big Dipper. The red star of the Little Dipper represents the North Star, which throughout history has pointed adventurers in the right direction. The little boy figurine on top of the overturned glass vase represents a young man who is positioned with shovel in hand to find his way, pursuing his own version of the "American Dream."
"A playful and nostalgic look at shiny happy creatures."
–CJ Follini, Founder,

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