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This July New York became only the 6th state to legalize same sex marriages. Celebrate this historic time with Melodie's joyous print, "Our Gay Wedding."

Interracial groom and groom stand tall on their champagne glass pedestal with flowers made of frosting at their feet. Ceramic lovebirds to their left are holding a bounty of miniature apples in the trunk of the tree. The eclectic wedding band is accounted for with a rococo figurine playing a gittern, a vintage monkey on the drums, and a porcelain asian statuette playing a flute. In the lower left hand corner a little plastic naked baby crawls behind a porcelain boy with his rabbit. In the lower right an accent of blue takes the form of a tiny flower. "Our Gay Wedding" is a tribute to civil rights and same sex marriage all over the world, exquisitely detailed and handed over to the viewer with a striking red ribbon bow.

Melodie's original work can be seen at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City and the Goya Contemporary in Baltimore.


User Comments

i would have to say this is the most exquistite piece of work i have ever seen when i have my gay weeding i want something like this but i want it to be two girls... i just love the design in it....

I love that music with the video. Who did that?

See the making of this drawing:

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