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“Seek Ball and Moon,” whose title takes inspiration from an Edward Albee play, is a perfect example of this young talented artist’s practice. Jaqueline’s work delves into painting from an interactive standpoint, by allowing the viewer to move through the many layers. This exclusive limited edition is selected by the curators of COMPANY for its rich painterly qualities, and is the highlight of any abstract art collection.

Artist Statement: This painting is part of a group of works titled Fam and Yam.  The title is taken from the Edward Albee play, whose final direction reads,"(His face turns ashen...his mouth drops open.  One of the Modiglianis frowns...the Braque peels...the Klein tilts...and the
Motherwell crashes to the floor.)"

By arranging figures as armatures for hanging line and color, my paintings construct scenarios in which subjects behave both as backdrops and participants, observers and actors. Figures emerge from and recede into the spaces depicted.  Adjacent structures of shape and value at once form and collapse, advancing an overall sensation of motion, depth, and atmosphere.

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