Featured Editions

Jaqueline Cedar


It’s unusual and refreshing to see ambitious, large-scale paintings today, especially from an artist just starting her career. Jaqueline Cedar’s new paintings...

Melissa Murray

Melissa Murray is an emerging artist, living and working in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her drawings are derived from the artists extensive logging of dreams and sub-conscious experiences. Ms Murray...

Rico Anderson

Los Angeles

Although very vivid pictures come to mind when I think of my earliest memories, they are just that, pictures, with no dialogue. Pictures of my cousin Keith and me sitting in my grandmother...

Christopher Smith

New York

Christopher Smith is a featured artist on Art/Trek NYC Season 1. Chosen by Wayne Northcross, independent curator and director of Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, Chris is...

Andrea Shapiro

Originally trained as a graphic designer, she is drawn to simple, geometric compositions. Her paintings often consist of elements such as squares, circles, ovals and hand or ruler drawn lines...

Limited Editions for Purchase

How it Works - Prints

The COMPANY Limited Edition Market is a curated collection of carefully selected emerging artists. All editions are supervised by the artist and come with an authenticity card including the artist’s signature, edition number, title, and date.  

COMPANY believes strongly in the importance of supporting emerging artists. Our museum-quality, limited edition prints are a great affordable option for collectors looking to expand their collections into this field.  Prints also make great gifts for those just learning about collecting art. All prints are sold directly through COMPANY’s secure online market and can be purchased using any credit card or paypal account.